Executive Retreats for Strategic Planning

Utilizing proven methods in facilitation developed over the last four decades, the ultimate goal is to provide facilitation expertise that allows a business or organization to produce tangible results for the time and resources invested. A successful meeting is concluded when unique facilitation management expertise is applied. These steps include:

    • Developing an understanding of your business or organization’s critical issues and desires through listening carefully about what you want to accomplish
    • Creating a facilitation proposal based on these initial findings
    • Preparing for the discussions to help set the optimal atmosphere and tone for the meeting including developing the agenda, advice on who should attend, timing and location
    • Facilitate the meeting to insure participants focus on key issues that will lead to solutions to challenges, define opportunities, visualize new directions and create realistic action items
    • Prepare follow-up document outlining discussions, listing of individual responsibilities as well as plans and activities to be implemented.
    • Follow-up with key management on implementation actions